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A Generous Valley

In the Vigezzo Valley but as in many areas of the Ossola Valley, Mushrooms are true protagonists. Beautiful, fragrant, intense flavor. True Leprechauns of our Woods

Luca Mercante titolare Osteria del Mercante
Luca Mercante
owner & master chef
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Lorenzo Mercante
co holder



From the Forests of the Valleys our Fellow Citizens bring us what they have collected. They are our Valuable Suppliers. All according to the rules of collections, to protect our Nature and Laws.


Our experience and knowledge of our local Friends and Suppliers enables us to select the best. Knowing how to choose makes quality dishes so that we can offer the best we can do.


Then the culinary arts. The wonders of the Forest find their proper continuation in the kitchen, where they will be prepared for you. Every product, no matter how good and healthy it is, needs just as much mastery in the kitchen.

enchanted forests

“The Woody Secrets of the Vigezzo Valley: A Story of Sun, Shadow and Porcini.”

In the Vigezzo Valley, an enchanted corner of Piedmont, the woods play hide-and-seek with sun and rain, creating the perfect stage for one of nature’s wonders: porcini mushrooms. These forests are not only an explosion of green, but also the secret realm of “mushroom kings.”

On the one hand, we have the sun-kissed forests, where trees compete to catch every golden ray. Here, porcini are like the inhabitants of a tourist resort in summer: they enjoy the sun and tan (metaphorically, of course), resulting in robust and proud specimens.

On the other, the wetter, shadier forests of the valley guard an almost fairy-tale atmosphere. In these areas, porcini grow more mystically, almost as if they have learned the art of shade from ninjas. They hide under damp leaves and branches, waiting to be discovered by the most astute and lucky searchers.

In both environments, the rich and varied soil of the Vigezzo Valley offers porcini everything they need to thrive. The mix of calcareous and acidic soils, along with just the right amount of moisture and heat, means that porcini not only grow, but also have a taste and aroma that can only be described as “the magic of Piedmont in one bite.”

So the next time you walk through the woods of the Vigezzo Valley, remember: every tree may be hiding a fungal treasure. And as in any good treasure hunt, the joy is in the journey, not just the discovery. Whether under the radiant sun or in the mysterious shadows, the porcini of the Vigezzo Valley are just waiting to be discovered.